March 16, 2012

Outstanding Program Sites Honored With Annual Awards

Through participation in the Foundation, Site Coordinators, the organizations they represent, or program volunteers may be eligible for awards and recognition. The Foundation is excited to recognize the following individuals and program sites for their contributions in 2011.


Site Coordinator of the Year

Brandon Barr, Nightingale Elementary School

This award is given to a Site Coordinator who has reached and exceeded expectations and has helped change children’s lives through golf. Brandon meets with students weekly throughout the school year to review rules, etiquette, and fundamentals. His summer Tee Level Clinic is a culmination of everything that has been learned over the past 10 months, and students who have continually participated in the afterschool program are then able to receive a set of starter golf clubs to continue developing their game.


New Program of the Year

Dan Brookins, Increase The Peace

The award is given to a site whose organization and/or community has proven in their first year to be excited and dedicated to the program and the Foundation. The entire group of Increase The Peace volunteers have been wonderful to work with during the first year. In 2011, their Tee Level Clinic was hosted in September as an afterschool program. The staff not only conducted a great clinic, but also made sure the kids in their community could participate by providing transportation using personal vehicles. This group has committed to expanding their programming efforts in 2012, as well as introduced the Foundation to new potential program sites.


Creativity Award

Kathryn Durkin, Children’s Educational Institute, Inc.

The award is given to a Site Coordinator who has proven to be creative or innovative during a program, activity, or season. Kathryn has been involved with the Foundation since 2002, and was awarded New Program of the Year. Her dedication also received recognition as the Site Coordinator of the Year in 2005. This year, the Foundation staff enjoyed seeing Kathryn host an activity day for program participants, where groups rotated through stations to expand their knowledge of the sport. Stations included a SNAG area, life skill and rules trivia, and driving range practice. The combination of these stations showed that Kathryn is providing a well-rounded experience for her program participants.


Volunteer of the Year

Aaron Travis, Harvey Park District

This award is given to a volunteer who has helped to make a difference in their program. Aaron supports programs run by his wife, Antoinette, at Harvey Park District and University Park Golf Club. Not only has Aaron dedicated time to Tee level Clinics, but also has volunteered at events hosted by the Foundation.


Congratulations to all of these individuals and program sites – thank you for your hard work and dedication! Site Coordinators are encouraged to submit nominations for the Creativity and Volunteer of the Year Awards, please review the “About Annual Awards” topic for more information.

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