What Drives Us

Through the hard work and dedication of our Site Coordinators, the Kids Golf Foundation is able to introduce thousands of children each year to the sport of golf, its fundamentals, rules, history, etiquette, life lessons, and more.

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The Kids Golf Foundation is a statewide Illinois junior golf association that offers and supports several golf programs and events designed to introduce children to the sport of golf, its fundamentals, rules, etiquette, life lessons, and more. Since 1998, the Foundation has helped more than 200,000 children ages 5–17 learn these important life lessons through our golf programs.

The staff at Kids Golf Foundation will guide your Site Coordinator through a step-by-step program planning and implementation process. Along with program manuals, staff is available to answer questions via phone, email, and during one-on-one meetings. The golf program consultation provided by staff is customized to fit each organization.



Kids Helped

The Kids Golf Foundation of Illinois

is dedicated to bringing the sport of golf into the lives of children.


Starting a junior golf program through the Kids Golf Foundation is easy! Whether you’re an avid scratch golfer, a casual mini golfer, club, school, or organization the Foundation will work with you to create programming and provide you with the resources giving you the opportunity to truly impact the kids in your community.

SNAG Programs

Through the SNAG Program, Site Coordinators are able to create their own activities with the SNAG Equipment so that the participants will learn the fundamentals of golf.

Traditional Programs

Traditional Programs are designed to provide an easy-to-follow format for any youth organization, recreation agency, or golf course to use in the setup of introductory golf clinics.

“We’ve really found out over the years that golf has become secondary. The true value are the life lessons.”

– Jerry Rich, Co-Founder of the Kids Golf Foundation

Our Impact

The success of the Foundation is evident in the number of diverse organizations that participate in our programs and events. Since 1998, over 200 organizations have been involved statewide, including: 

  • Park Districts
  • Schools/Physical Education Classes
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Boy & Girl Scouts
  • YMCAs
  • Ministry Groups


Help us make a difference in Illinois’s youth. The Kids Golf Foundation of Illinois is dedicated to bringing the sport of golf into the lives of children and providing them with opportunities for personal growth and career enhancement.

By investing in our golf youth programs, you will help keep our mission growing and moving forward to give every child an opportunity to experience the positive benefits of sports. Your donation to Kids Golf Foundation helps provide all golf equipment and resources at no cost to the participates. Contributing to the children’s sense of ownership and pride at the end of each clinic or program participants get to keep their clubs and all other materials.


Make a donation today and change the lives of children in Illinois.


What is a Site Coordinator?

Site Coordinators are volunteers that perform the key role in making our junior golf programs work and are the main contact for the program site. The backgrounds of Site Coordinators vary and many are considered “non-golfers”. Site Coordinators for Kids Golf Foundation demonstrate leadership ability, a love of children, genuine interest in their community, and understand the value junior golf programs and events can provide.


The programming Kids Golf Foundation provides wouldn’t be possible without the generous help of our supporters.


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